Let’s call on the presence
of God together

Why We Call For WePray24/7
Because it brings...
Christians from all over the globe can unite in prayer for the mission of God in our world. God calls us to be united, and this is one way to accomplish unity.
Social distancing breeds separation and isolation, but you are not alone. Praying with and for each other demonstrates the kingdom principle of interdependence and mutuality.
Praying everyday reminds us that we do not live at the mercy of circumstances. It redirects our attention from the things of this world and causes us to focus on things above.
Prayer is a source of impact in the world. It acknowledges that our activities are secondary to the movement of God, and what we do should always be in response to Him.
Continuing in prayer invites the Holy Spirit to move freely in the world. It reminds us that we are the hands and feet of Jesus and ambassadors of God’s Kingdom.
God can do exceedingly abundantly more than we ask or pray. Imagine what God might do when we commit to praying 24/7. The world yearns to find out, and God would love to show us.
How WePray24/7
Register to pray for 15 minutes a day for 90 days.
Each week we will focus on a different aspect and benefit of the presence of God based on Acts 1:8.
You will receive weekly emails to encourage and guide you in your prayer time based on that specific aspect of God’s presence for the week.

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Lets call on the presence of God together.
Uniting churches, pastors, leaders, and individuals across the globe to pray for a miraculous healing of our lands from the coronavirus and a spiritual awakening among the nations.
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